Linen supply Offer you comprehensive service to suit your business conditions.

In just proportions:
This is our basic position toward product supply.
Given the customer's space, too much is distracting but lacking is not allowed.
To reduce such customer's anxiety and problems, we assure thorough quality control of the products by providing the linen exchange service on a regular basis.

Cleanliness and comfort everywhere.

The linen used in hotel rooms that come into direct contact with guest's skin. The texture may create impressions of the hotel. The cleanliness is important as might be expected, the comfortable texture of bed linen and mood created by bed supplies express individuality of the hotel.
The usual clean sheets and hospital gowns are necessary for patients to have comfortable life in hospital. We ensure consistency in the quality of cleaning procedures through our strict hygiene standards.
Wellbeing facilities
We deliver laundry service in a timely manner to the facilities such as hot bath and fitness club where a large number of towels and gowns are required.
Restaurant & Food
Ensure to meet your needs by providing tablecloth, napkin and uniform cleaning service. We propose adequate color patterns to fit stores images and functional product with water repellant coating. We do our best to fit all your needs.

Our main customers


  • Gifu Grand Hotel
  • Gifu Castle Inn
  • Gifu Washington Hotel Plaza
  • Kuretake Inn Premium Ogaki Ekimae
  • City Hotel Minokamo
  • Hotel Sun route Hikone
  • Sanko Inn Osaka Yodoyabashi


  • Gifu Municipal Hospital
  • Kasugai Municipal Hospital
  • Gifu Hospital
  • Japanese Red Cross Gifu Hospital
  • Nagara Medical Center

Main industries

  • City hotel
  • Business hotel
  • Japanese Ryokan inn
  • Leisure facilities
  • Hospital
  • Rehabilitation facility for the elderly
  • Public accommodation
  • Hot spring resort
  • Restaurant