Our strength Maintain clean linen articles that best suit you at the right price.

Provide you soft and the best linen supply while having a good relationship with customers. We are polishing our know-how extracted through the 50 years experience. It is important for us to provide satisfactory services to customers not just by pursuing efficiency and reasonable price but also growing up together with our customers.

Three strengths of HIRO Corporation

point 1

High productive capacity and control (60 ton/day) make it possible to respond flexibly to customer's operation.

Washing optimal amount of laundry with the best timing is important for the linen supply to meet the customer's operation. Having only a large capacity facility creates waste in the leisure period. This can eventually lead to our customers to bear the useless expenses. To avoid this, we conduct a weekly inventory survey and run original production control system which realizes flexible and thorough production.

Performing the production and delivery businesses with high skills that are made by persistent employee education.

Even with various systems, it is the staffs working at the factory who support the quality and service of the articles that are finally delivered to customers. HIRO Corporation incorporates a large number of internal and external trainings. The education for employees helps to increase production efficiency and to provide appropriate services to customers at the time of delivery.

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point 3

Sales representatives propose various services with a little something extra.

At HIRO Corporation, we received various consultations from customers like "How can we get our operation system to be more efficient?", "Tell me what's popular right now?", or "We would like to refurbish our facility like a trendy one. How do we do that?". By sharing various past examples and information among employees, we can offer accurate proposals to meet customers' needs. Our hope is to grow with customers.

Our commitment

1. Connection with customers
HIRO Corporation does have our own company pick-up and delivery service in order to be relevant to customers.
2. Understanding customers' needs
Our delivery personnel come and check customers' conditions and respond to their requests as well as give all the information they need.
3.  Production plan
We use feedback from our customers to provide better service. The weekly investigation of inventory fulfills the waste-free production in a timely manner.

Strict quality control and production system in fulfilling customer's needs

Collection & classification
Laundry collected from customers are sorted and divided by the extent of the stain and conditions.
A large quantity of laundry are washed by a fully automatic continuous tunnel washer.
If extremely dirt or stain is adhering, the laundry is washed again in a different washing cycle.
Dehydration & Drying
The heavy machinery supports a large amount of operation we have.
We carefully handle laundry so that it does not be damaged while maintaining applicable hygiene standards.
The bed sheets and gowns are checked with the eyes of staff after they get half dry. Then, the laundry are inserted into the rolling machine for a finish. The linen articles are shipped after ironed, pressed, and folded nicely.
Administrative office & Production control
We perform the collective management of data from each department. It is possible to monitor the production and delivery on computer. This system controls the reliable delivery and production system.
Sales meeting
Customer inquiries and suggestions are shared throughout the entire team, and used as feedback in product development and operating activities.