Yanaizu factory  We believe that the Yanaizu factory is a novelist factory in the world by ensuring a stable supply of high quality products.

The Yanaizu factory of HIRO Corporation supports reliable supply of high quality product to customers. The productive capacity can handle 60 tons of laundry a day.
We take pride in our factory, and more than that in our staff working there.
This video shows some examples.

A factory inspection on the website


Laundry collected from customers are checked and divided by the extent of the stain and conditions.


There are dedicated lines for each article. If extremely dirt or stain is adhering, the laundry is washed again in a different washing cycle.

Dehydration & drying

The articles transported with the conveyer belt are dehydrated and dried in the appropriate environment.


The laundry are dried and checked with the eyes of staff to finish.


Deliver washed clean laundry carefully and reliably to customers.

The Raccoon system

Our "Raccoon system" is the reliable delivery and production system that allows us to monitor the production and delivery status on computer.