Company information Our logo represents "cleanliness".

HIRO Corporation celebrated its 50th anniversary in 2013. We are grateful to our customers for their earnest support. We will continue add an extraordinary value while striving to further strengthen our passion for cleanliness.

Management philosophy

We will make a highly polished company.

The corporate philosophy of HIRO

  • Provide "cleanliness" to the society.
  • Increase an environmentally-friendly company.
  • Constantly seek new value and continue to grow.

General policy on product quality

  • 1. Rigorously manage quality control
  • 1. Meet customers' needs while increasing sales
HIRO's corporate symbol
The "H" in the upper right is the first initial letter of HIRO Corporation as well as Happiness, Health, Heart, Harmony, Honest, Hospitality, and Humanity. The twenty-four shining light beams show our corporate mind that we support for comfortable life of people for 24 hours a day.
Mascot symbol
Raccoons are well-known for liking things to be neat and tidy. We use a raccoon as our mascot symbol which loved by many Japanese people. Though the cleanliness and comfort given to customers, the raccoon mascot is painted on delivery cars in the hope that we would be loved by many people.